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Beast Masters Conquest Book Cover

Ground Zero

Greystone Entertainment is a company dedicated to delivering fast-paced, action packed-stories. Our founder grew up watching reruns of old superhero cartoons from the 60s, which in turn, helped him realize his dream of starting his own comic book company. However, his drawing skills didn't meet his expectations, so he focused on creating character profiles instead. Whether it was an entire backstory or something as basic as a physical appearance, he wrote as much as he could for each character and began writing short stories based on those profiles. Of course, he was still very young at the time, so writing was just a hobby for him. However, certain factors pushed him to test his luck and find artists and designers who could help bring his stories to life. 

The Man Behind The Monster is the first story arc in the Beast Masters series, as well as the launching pad for Greystone Entertainment. It follows the story of a military commander who betrays his king and declares war on an entire nation. Operating under a codename that's synonymous with death, Mortem is a one-man army with a dangerous ability, and he won't let anything stop him from accomplishing his goal. Is this man truly a blood-thirsty monster? Or is he hiding something else underneath all that armor? Find the answers to these questions in Beast Masters: Conquest Vol. 1.

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